New SST Requirements

New SST Requirements for New York City

Local Law 196 of 2017

  • This new Local Law affects much of the training required for construction workers on most jobsites in New York City. In addition to training certifications it also affects the daily safety documentation of jobsite tasks, as well as the annual orientation of workers.

Who is Affected?

  • If your work permit requires the sign off of a Licensed Construction Superintendent, Licensed Site Safety Coordinator, or Licensed Site Safety Manager than all workers on the site must conform with the SST Standard. This includes any vertical or horizontal enlargement of an existing property, new construction 4 stories and taller, and façade restoration projects above 14 floors in height.

What training will most workers need?

  • The easiest way to meet the new training requirements is to take the following courses:
    • 30hr OSHA Construction – online training is only allowed if it is “actively” proctored.
    • 8hr Fall Prevention Course – this is a NYC Dept of Buildings course which focuses on preventing the leading cause of death in construction
    • 2hr Drug & Alcohol Awareness – Addiction has infested modern society and adversely affects safety on our jobsites. The NYC Dept of Buildings course address getting help and identifying these hazards.
  • Once you complete these course you can upload them to SST Card Tracker and become eligible for your SST (Site Safety Training) Card.

What training will “Supervisors” need?

  • Supervisors are defined as: Licensed Construction Superintendents, Site Safety Coordinators, Site Safety Managers, and designated competent persons must take 62hrs of Training.
  • The easiest way to meet this training requirement is to take the following courses:
  • 30hr OSHA Construction
  • 8hr Fall Prevention Course – DOB Class
  • 2hr Drug & Alcohol Awareness – DOB Class
  • 8hr Site Safety Manager Refresher – DOB Class
  • 4hr Supproted Scaffold User – DOB Class
  • 2hr Site Safety Plan – DOB Class
  • 2hr Tool Box Talks – DOB Class
  • 2hr Pre Task Safety Meetings – DOB Class
  • 2hr General Electives – DOB Class (Selected Topics)
  • 2hr Specialized Electives – DOB Class (Selected Topics)
  • We will put together a special 10hr program over two evenings to cover the 2 hr courses needed by Supervisors. This should be added to the 8hr Site Safety and 4hr Supported Scaffold Refresher classes as well as the 40hr requirements for all workers.

SST Card Tracker:

  • Soon there will be a link added to the website where you can upload all your training certificates so that you can receive your SST Card. You can see the equivalency courses listed below: