NYC Training

NYC Training – New York City Construction Training

New York City is unique compared to any where in the world. Building in this city requires that you understand The City as part of the building process.

The instructors at Safety Net Inc have the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide you successfully and honestly through this challenging environment.

Safety Net Inc is a New York City Department of Buildings approved training provider. All our training staff are OSHA Authorized Instructors. Safety Net Inc. is IACET accredited on their own, and issues CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for all its classes. We work in conjunction with New York City College of Technology located in Downtown Brooklyn giving our students the very best services they can find in this big city.


Suspended Scaffold Training:

  • 16hr Suspended Scaffold Training – Any workers who use any type of Suspended Scaffold – rope or electric – must take this course. This course includes both hands on training using real life equipment and classroom training.  Plastic photo certificates are issued to each student. This training is good for 4 years and must be refreshed within one year of expiration to avoid having to retake the entire class. – $400
  • 8hr Suspended Scaffold User Refresher – Workers who have completed the above course must take this course every four years to stay current and lawfully use a suspended scaffold in NYC.  – $200
  • 32hr Suspended Scaffold Supervisor (Rigging Foreman) – On any construction site in NYC that uses suspended scaffolds of any kind, there must be a designated rigging foreman during all working hours. This Designated Rigging Foreman must be able to read, write, and speak English and must have completed the 32hr Suspended Scaffold Supervisor course and maintain that credential through refresher training every 4 years. – $600
  • 8hr Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Refresher (Rigging Foreman) – This course is required for those that have completed the above course and need to keep their working credentials current by taking this refresher course. – $200
  • 8hr Special Rigger License Renewal Course – In NYC their our many specific requirements for those who posses licenses issued directly by the City of New York. This includes the New York City Special Rigger License. This course meets that need, but it does much more! It helps the Licensed Rigger make sure they are filling out the correct paperwork, the correct way. It also provides a comprehensive overview of updated building codes and scaffold requirements, and provides industry insights that will prove beneficial for all those engaged in this type of work. Safety Net Inc holds this class every month, and does not cancel. We understand renewing your license is a priority that cannot be rescheduled! – $250

Supported (Pipe) Scaffold Training:

  • 4hr Supported (Pipe) Scaffold Course – This classes is needed by most construction workers regardless of their trade.  If workers in the five boroughs of New York City use any type of supported scaffold – including baker scaffolds, rolling scaffolds,  system scaffolds, frame scaffolds, tube and clamp, etc. This allows the worker to not only use these scaffolds, but also install such scaffold units under 40’ in height. This course must be taken every 4 years. (This is also an SST Card Requirement – see our SST page) – $125
  • 32hr Supported (Pipe) Scaffold Erector Course – If you are going to erect supported scaffolds 40’ in height or taller all workers involved in the installation must have taken this 32hr Supported Scaffold Erector course.  This certification is good for 4 years and requires an 8hr Refresher no longer than 1 year after the expiration of the certificate. – $600
  • 8hr Supported Scaffold Erector Refresher – If you have completed the above 32hr Supported Scaffold Erector course than you must take this 8hr Refresher course to stay current and keep erecting supported scaffold lawfully. – $200
  • 4hr Mast Climber User Course – This course is scheduled on request for those who use Mast Climbers to access their work areas. All workers must be trained prior to work.

New York City Safety Courses:

  • 40hr Site Safety Manager Course – This is a comprehensive course required for many to obtain their Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager license from The City of New York. This course is also required for Designated Rigging Foreman on Site Safety Jobs, or those designated as Qualified Persons for Site Safety (QPSS). The New York City Building Code chapter 33 will be reviewed in depth along with additional safety resources and code reviews. This certification is good for one year when applying for a New York City issued license and three years when acting in place of a Site Safety Manager on designated jobsites. – $700
  • 8hr Site Safety Manager Course – This course is required to renew your Site Safety Manager License, Construction Superintendent License, and/or you are acting as the QPSS for Site Safety on façade repair jobs over 15 floors. This course is an overview of the New York City Building Code related to “Public Safety”. – 4250
  • 8hr Site Safety Coordinator Course – This course is required to renew your Site Safety Coordinator license. – $250

Crane & Derrick Courses – Rigging for Hoisting Loads

  • 16hr Rigging Worker Course – This is a course requirement for an individual who is not employed by a licesensed rigger and performs rigging or signaling work ing conjunction with the hoisting or lowering of articles on the outside of a building with hoisting equipment. This can be taken instead of the national NCCCO Certification. – Contact us to schedule the training and pricing.
  • 8hr Rigging Worker Refresher The 16hr Rigging Worker Course requires this 8hr Refresher Course every 4 years. – Contact us to schedule the training and pricing.
  • 32hr Rigging Supervisor – This course is a requirement for an idiviudal who is not a licensed rigger or a designated foreman of a licensed rigger to supervise the hoisting or lowering of articles on the outside of a building with hoisting equipment. In lieu of completing this course and idivual may instead possess a department approved national rigging certification. (NCCCO) – Contact us to schedule the training and for pricing.
  • 16hr Rigging Supervisor Refresher – The 32hr Rigging Supervisor Courses requires this 16hr Refresher Curse every 4 years. – Contact us to schedule the training and for pricing.

SST (Site Safety Training) Requirements – Local Law 196 of 2017:

  • There are many new requirements regarding training associated with the SST Card. Safety Net Inc provides the SST Courses that will fulfill this training, and can issues the SST Card for those that meet the requirements. PLEASE SEE OUR SST PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS>

We offer a comprehensive variety of training and classes to suit the needs of construction workers in the New York City market. Please contact us at 347-604-2121 or for questions or more details.