OSHA Training

Training Objectives: OSHA Training

Occupational Safety & Health Administration Training

OSHA is a federal program dedicated to worker safety. OSHA regulations exist in all 50 states, all United States Territories, and any site under USA control.

Safety Net Inc. is not OSHA, but all our instructors are trained certified OSHA Authorized Instructors.

Safety Net Inc. provides OSHA Authorized Training in three major categories:


Safety Net Inc. provides a variety of OSHA related training. Please feel free to contact Timothy Vogler at 347-604-2121 or via email Tim@safetynettrainer.com to discus your specific needs.

We can provide OSHA Training in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Texas.

We offer 10hr OSHA and 30hr OSHA in our New York City markets on a regular basis. These classes are required on many construction sites in the five boroughs of New York City.

10hr OSHA Construction:

The 10hr OSHA for Construction is a basic safety course that provides training in such areas as: Introduction to OSHA, Falls, Electrical, Struck-by Hazards, Caught In/Caught Between Hazards, Cranes, Scaffolds, Personal Protective Equipment, Materials Handling, Stairs/Ladders, Power Tools, Excavations, Life Saving Equipment, Health Hazards, etc.

The 10hr OSHA is currently required in New York City to be taken every 5 years by workers who act as Rigging Foreman for Site Safety on Façade Repair projects, or hold the designation of QPSS (Qualified Person for Site Safety). – Cost is $170.00

30hr OSHA Construction:

This is a more in depth look at the OSHA regulations related to the Construction Industry. Many public entities require this as a minimum for those in supervisory positions or bearing the designation of “Competent Person”.

The 30hr OSHA is currently required for ALL workers on most construction sites in New York City. This includes ALL jobsites that require a Licensed Construction Superintendent, Licensed Site Safety Coordinator, or Licensed Site Safety Manager. This includes most new construction sites that are 4 floors or more, and any existing structures that involves a vertical or horizontal enlargement. The 30hr OSHA is required to receive an SST (Site Safety Training) Card as per Local Law 196 of 2017.

(At a minimum workers will need an additional 10hrs of training – 8hr Fall Prevention & 2hr Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course – these are NYC Dept of Buildings specific classes).


Disaster Site Worker Training:

The Site forever known as 911 changed how we look at disaster sites. The world is becoming more volatile and fragile with each day. Many times first responders and those related to search, rescue, and relief have to enter environments that are completely foreign to their usual work environment. Factors such as flooding, shifting piles, toxic fluids, air-borne contaminants, explosions, crime scene forensics, displaced poisons wildlife, and a host of other factors have caused OSHA to see the need in implementing a course specifically for disaster sites.

Please contact us for more details regarding this life saving course and its requirements.


Safety Net Inc. offers a wide variety of training beyond what is listed on our website.  Classes such as Flagger, Silica Awareness, Global Harmonization, and other awareness type courses can be made available upon request. Contact us with all your questions.


Group rates can be arranged. Please contact us at 347-604-2121 or Tim@safetynettrainer.com and provide us with the training needed and the number of students. We provide training on a regular basis both in English and Spanish languages.