30hr OSHA Day 3


30hr OSHA Training: This course is not required by the NYC DOB. This course is a more in depth training related to construction safety. At times it is required per contract, such as work for NYCHA, ConEdison, SCA, MTA or other such type works. These contracts often require at least one person per crew to have such training to act as the “Competent Person”.

This course is also the start to getting into safety, as a company safety person or trainer. ‘=
This is a four day course. Each course day is unique and so workers must attend all 4 days. The 10hr OSHA is unrelated to this course and so the 10hr card does not reduce any of the hours you will need to attend.

$450.00 – Payable to Safety Net Inc (Check, Money Order, or Credit Card)

25 Chapel St, room 108, Brooklyn NY 11201

You can register by emailing or calling 347-604-2121. Registration forms will be filled out at the time of class. Payment is due at that time.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.